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Keynote Speaker: Prof Emily Howard

Title: TBA


Time: TBA


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Keynote Speaker: Prof Peter Webster

Title: Big Ideas in Music Teaching and Learning: Implications for Online Learning


Time: TBA



This talk will begin with a short summary of big ideas that support music teaching and learning pedagogy in 2022.  These ideas will be framed by social issues but also musical ones as we move forward in teaching music in the 21st century.  Implications of these big ideas for online instruction and music technology will be suggested.  Specific examples of current and future development will be offered as a basis for discussion.


Peter R. Webster is currently Scholar-in-Residence at the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and is a Professor Emeritus of Music Education at the Bienen School of Music, Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  He holds degrees in music education from the University of Southern Maine (BS) and the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester (MM, PhD). He has taught for over 50 years at various levels of instruction.  Webster was the 2014 recipient of the Senior Researcher Award from the Society of Research in Music Education of the National Association for Music Education.  He is co-author of Experiencing Music Technology, 4th edition Updated (Oxford University Press, 2022). He has presented at many state, national, and international meetings and is a frequent keynote speaker.  His published work includes over 100 articles and book chapters on music technology and creative thinking in music which have appeared in journals and handbooks in and outside of music.  




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Industry Keynote Speaker: Hans Lavdal Jakobsen

Title: Keeping aural training and sight-singing students motivated with the interactive app EarMaster


Time: TBA


Teaching aural training and sight-singing online brings about two major challenges: How do we keep students motivated? And while doing so, how do we retain a high level of tuition quality? This presentation will demonstrate how the app EarMaster can help reach both aims effectively.


Hans Lavdal Jakobsen
M.Sc. Robotics, Founder and CEO of EarMaster. With his engineering background in robotics from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and his passion for playing Classical and Jazz music, Hans Lavdal Jakobsen developed the idea of EarMaster back in the mid-90’s. Until recently, he had been the lead developer of the EarMaster software, but he now focuses almost exclusively on leading the EarMaster company towards its vision to make the perfect tool for Musicianship tuition. Hans plays the piano, mainly jazz and gospel music, and plays at various Gospel events in the area where he lives.




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Industry Keynote Speaker: Taylor Robinson

Title: Finally! Play Together. From Anywhere.


Time: TBA



An exploration into the cutting edge technology of ultra-low latency web conferencing. Platforms are now emerging that claim to have finally solved an age-old problem in music education… How do we play together when we can’t be together? In this keynote, we’ll discuss what this field of technology is, how it works, what can be expected of it, and what may be its current limitation. We’ll look briefly into its past and into its exciting future – a landscape that combines the internet of things, edge computing, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence in a way that may bring us closer together as musicians than we’d ever dreamed.


Taylor Robinson is a CEO, CTO, and serial entrepreneur in the field of music education technology. After founding Taylor RobinsonMusic, America’s first “Uber for Music Lessons”, and growing its marketplace to contract with over 20,000 instructors, Taylor spun off its proprietary web conferencing platform to start a new company. RealTime Audio, with its unique “Zoom for Musicians” app, came loaded with a number of features and functions specifically relevant to music ed. Most importantly, it would crack the code on ultra-low-latency audio processing, enabling musicians the ability to finally play remotely, over webcam, as if they were in the very same room together. Today, Taylor is actively involved in running both companies. He continues to speak, advocate, evangelize and educate on the topic of music ed, technology, and how they will come to shape our lives, art, and work far into the future.




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